Listen, Learn, and Love - 3 Keys to Harmony

New Historical Novel about Harmony Coming Soon: Excerpt

Deedra sipped her tea which Erin had poured for her, setting it gently back in its saucer, and then picked up her napkin from her lap and held it.  I could tell she was about to broach a sensitive subject with Roderick and me.

"I haven't heard you speak of your wedding plans lately.  Do you still plan to be married this summer?  It's already May and if you intend to marry any time soon, we'd best be getting on with the arrangements, don't you think?"

"Thank you, Mother," said Roderick, "for bringing up the subject.  Regina and I are still talking about possible ideas.  It's not easy to decide on a venue because we can't be married in the Catholic Cathedral, nor at the Mormon Temple."

"True," she replied, "but what about a simple ceremony here at the house?  I'd love to help you, Regina.  I could work with you, and your mother and sister, to get it all ready.  I would genuinely love to help you."  Deedra was twisting her napkin in her lap.

"Thank you so much," I said.  I was touched deeply by her generosity and kindness.

"We'll think about it, Mother.  Can we let you know soon?  We want to discuss who would officiate and things like that."

Deedra answered her son quickly.  "How about Bishop Glass?  I'm sure he would come to our home for us."

"That's just it, Mother.  You hit the nail on the head, exactly.  He would come for you and do a non-Catholic ceremony because you and Father and Papa Angus asked him to do it.  Indeed, I'm not even sure he could perform a neutral ceremony.  At any rate, Regina and I would like to select the officiant and hopefully we can find someone who is neutral between our two churches."

I detected that Deedra was near tears.  I knew she was trying to make up for the earlier biased behavior of her husband and father-in-law, who had since softened their positions on our intended marriage.  Angus had retreated from his initial hard core stance that he would disown Roderick.  Both Angus and Kevin had relented and let Roderick work at the family mines last summer.  It was obvious that Deedra truly wished us well as we started our future life together.  Roderick was her only child and I knew she wanted the very best for him, and so did I.