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Dr. Joan's Advice

Date: 11/19/2014

By: Dr. Joan


Dear One and All:

Here is today’s question: What is your PK rating? PK stands for PRACTICE KINDNESS.

From the writings of ancient thinkers, we read the assertion that human beings are innately kind. That is, we are born with kindness built into us. It is natural for us to treat others with kindness.

Yet we know, from observing others and from our own lives, that sometimes kindness is subverted.

What happens to our natural kindness? You can answer that question. Let’s hear your replies.

Would you say that JEALOUSY overpowers kindness? When we make JUDGEMENTS about another person’s behavior do we throw kindness out the window? How do we react when our children misrepresent the truth, or LIE? Do we forget kindness when we argue about MONEY, POLITICS, or RELIGION?

Since those ancient thinkers mentioned above, and probably since the beginning of time, human beings have been struggling to PRACTICE KINDNESS. We can even give our battle a name and measure our progress as we campaign to PRACTICE KINDNESS. We can call it our PK Rating.

Every time you PRACTICE KINDNESS, even the smallest of kindnesses, make a mental note. Thank yourself for your kindness. Others will thank you too. And the kindnesses will multiply, begetting more and more kindness. We need it.

So here’s the question we started with, and it is question for all of us to ponder:

What is your PK Rating?

Dr. Joan’s Harmony Key: One kindness hitchhikes on another kindness.

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