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Dr. Joan's Advice

Date: 11/01/2013

By: Dr. Joan


Dear Friends of Harmony Keys:

Today I would like to walk you through the ENVY EXERCISE© which may help you wash feelings of ENVY from your heart, allowing you to dwell on more productive thoughts, releasing you to obtain peace of mind, freeing you to enjoy your relationships.

For this exercise you will need: paper, pencil, and crayons.

Question One: What does ENVY look like?

Activity One: We’ve all heard the expression: Green with Envy. Does that give you an image of ENVY? On your paper draw and color a picture of ENVY. It doesn’t matter what shape or color you put on the paper. Now, label your drawing in large letters: ENVY.

Question Two: Who do you ENVY?

Activity Two: Let’s think about some examples: Do you envy your brother who is taller or stronger than you? Do you envy your sister’s long, blonde hair? Are you envious of your friend who holds a lucrative position in a large firm and can take trips to the Bahamas while you toil away, day after day, for minimum wage? OK, you’ve got the names of people you envy. Write those names in a circle around whatever you drew on the paper as ENVY.

Question Three: How does ENVY make you feel?

Activity Three: Think about how you feel when you allow ENVY to creep into your heart. If you feel mad, draw a cloud on your paper, color the cloud black, and label it MAD. If you feel sad, you could draw a downward mouth and label it SAD. If you feel cheated out of good luck or opportunities, you might sketch a closed door and label it CHEATED. Whatever feeling you sense in yourself when ENVY occupies your thoughts, draw and label that feeling on your paper.

That’s it. That is the ENVY EXERCISE©. And guess what? By allowing yourself to think about what ENVY looks like, who you ENVY, and how ENVY makes you feel, you cleanse your mind and heart. The ENVY EXERCISE© is a cleansing process. How do you feel now? Can you draw it?

Dr. Joan’s Harmony Key: Each time you see or feel envy, throw water on it.

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