Listen, Learn, and Love - 3 Keys to Harmony

Dr. Joan's Advice

Date: 09/23/2012

By: Dr. Joan

Subject: Gardner Loves Boss Lady

Dear Moon Struck Gardener:

Falling in love with your employer generates a set of difficult dynamics which can lead to a disharmonious relationship.

The lady hired you to design and maintain her grounds and you say she pays you well. She's your boss and gives orders which you carry out to keep her happy. If you become lovers, will she still give orders, or will the two of you develop a partnership at that point?

Please send me another email and elaborate on why you think you stand a chance with this woman. Do you have money of your own? Does she love to garden and will she join you occasionally in that activity? Do the two of you have things in common at any level? What kind of listener is she? And you?

Think about the questions I have raised and try to answer them for yourself. Then tell me more.

Dr. Joan's Harmony Key: Move like a garden snail on rocky ground.

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