Listen, Learn, and Love - 3 Keys to Harmony

Dr. Joan's Advice

Date: 09/22/2012

By: Dr. Joan

Subject: Political Squabbles

Dear Tired of Politics:

So you and your adult children have different ideas about who is a worthy candidate and who is not. I encourage you to block your feelings that you are "outnumbered" and "your opinions don't matter." Be assured that your perceptions have value. Each person's observations are worth plenty. No one sees anything with your two eyes except you, or hears anything with your two ears, except you.

You don't say when you grew up, or where, but each of us is strongly affected by our circumstances and struggles starting with our earliest memories.

I implore you to keep conversations going with your children ... listen to their opinions, and be confident that your views enrich your children's understanding of the political scene and of YOU.

Dr. Joan's Harmony Key: Open eyes and open ears lead to an open mind.

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