Listen, Learn, and Love - 3 Keys to Harmony

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Dr. Joan is an educator and writer with a wonderful family.  Her passion is helping people build harmony in relationships.


Harmony Keys offers tools meant for you.  Please contribute your thoughts and experiences about ways to build harmonious relationships.  We welcome your harmony dilemmas, your rocky shores. your tough tangles.  Your questions and comments will be published anonymously on this website and answered by Dr. Joan.  Submit your thoughts by email to  An easy way is to use our contact page.


Dr. Joan's new historical novel, Gra Im Thu! I Love You!  will be available soon.  The story is about mixed-faith marriage and at-odds political views.  It is also about those who have built their families by combining birth and adoption.  You may submit your email on our contact page to be notified of publication.


Disclaimer: This website is designed to provide non-professional advice and tools regarding human relationship issues.  This advice and these tools are offered with the understanding that the creator of this website and the contributors to this website are not engaged in rendering legal services, medical services, psychological services, social services, or any other professional services.  The contents should not be applied as legal, medical, psychological, or social services advice.  If expert assistance is required, readers should seek the services of a competent professional.  Any examples given are for illustrative purposes only.

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